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Welcome back to another great chess season at Space Coast Scholastic Chess!

May  News

      The Grand Prix tournament at Melbourne Central Catholic High School was a successful end to our biggest year ever. Congratulations to our tournament winners; Varun Sriramineni (K1), Pacey Qi (K3), Anthony Qi (K6), Owen Deao (K12), Aditya Anil (SE), and Andy Yang (SM). Top Team was Viera Charter School, which won the Traveling Pawn for the fifth time this year and took it home for good. The GP Top Prizes for cumulative score went to Kenji Blakeley (K1), Roshan Anil (K3), Noah Boniello (K6), Cameron Foles (K12), Cyrus Matini (SE), and Priya Gutta (SM). Congratulations for their dedication and consistent performance throughout the year. Special awards were given to Kenji, Michael Yang, and Elek Lamoureux for Good Sportsmanship, Jagger Smith for Chess Spirit, and Vincent Stone as Player of the Year.

     Thank you to Jim Ziarno and the volunteers at MCC who did a great job providing a beautiful site for the tournament. Thanks also to Matt Cobb who worked the score table and took the pictures, and to the Assistant Tournament Directors; Nick Moore, Jalen Woods, and Sajan Gutta. Special thanks to Larry Herman who made and served the amazing Chess Cake, to GM Lars Bo Hansen who spoke with our students between rounds, and Elfi Ousley who worked behind the scenes all year keeping us informed and on schedule.

April 2016

    The Chess tournament at Holy Trinity was our biggest April event ever, with 137 players competing for titles and trophies.
   Congratulations to our 2016 Brevard County Champions; Ethan Boniello (K1), Vikram Sabapathy (K3), Noah Boniello (K6), Arad Moghadam (K12), Vincent Stone (SE), and Timmy Mayes (SM).  The Traveling Pawn went to the home team, Holy Trinity.
   Thank you to Keena Schwinn and everyone else at HTA who did a great job hosting the event, and to Matt Cobb who did the results table and took the trophy pictures.
   The next tournament will be the last of this school year; the Grand Prix. This will be held on May 7th at Melbourne Central Catholic. After the tournament there will be a double trophy ceremony, where we will recognize both the tournament winners and the top performers for the year.



March 2016  

The March Mayhem event, held at Indialantic Elementary school, was our biggest March chess tournament ever, thanks to the 125 students who participated! Surprises and upsets were the order of the day, as players from the past returned, and new players rose to the top. Section winners were; Andy Yang (SM), Vincent Stone (SE), Cameron Foles (K12), Zach Frizzell (K6), Elek Lamoureux (K3), and Varun Sriramineni (K1). The Traveling Pawn was won by Our School House. Special thanks go out to Eric Cooper for arranging the site, Matt Cobb for taking the pictures, and the Indialantic parents for providing the concessions. The next tournament, the Brevard County Championship, will be April 9th at Holy Trinity (lower campus).


February 2016  

"Thank you to everyone who came to Viera Charter School and made our Queen of Hearts tournament a big success. In fact we tied last February's record for the biggest SCSC tournament ever, with 138 players. Despite the traffic detour, we started right about on schedule, with the first round pairings posted before the players arrived. Congratulations to the host school (VCS) for winning the Traveling Pawn again this month (as top team), and a huge thanks to Alicia, Jeanne, and all of the parent volunteers for their help. The playing conditions were great, and the food was some of the best ever. Great Job!

The next SCSC event will be the March Mayhem Tournament at Indialantic Elementary School on Saturday, March 5th. You must register before 7:00 on Friday, March 4th in order to play in the first round. See you there!"


January 2016   


The Kings & Queens tournament at Eastminster Presbyterian Church was a huge success, with 131 players who braved the  cold, windy weather to set a new record for attendance in a January event. Congratulations to Viera Charter School for winning the Traveling Pawn. A big thank you goes out to the volunteers at Eastminster, and to OSH for stepping up to do the food sales.

The next tournament will be February 6th, at Viera Charter School, and will start promptly at 9:00 this month, as I plan to pair the first round the night before. Students who register late will receive a half point bye and be paired in the second round.

December 2015  

Congratulations to West Melbourne School for Science, for winning the Traveling pawn at the Turkey Bash, on tie breaks over VCS. Big thanks to OSH for arranging, and to Central Baptist Church for hosting the event. The next SCSC league tournament will be January 23rd at Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Indialantic.

                     Happy holidays to all chess families, and a giant
                                             Thank You
              to everyone for making 2015 our best attended year ever.

November 2015  

     The October Brouhaha was a huge success, and one of our largest ever.
Big thanks to Viera Charter School for hosting.
Section winners were; Lev Freeman (SM), Evan Cobb (SE), Taylor Post (K12), Vincent Stone (K6), Saaketh Kisireddy (K3), and Mike Yang (K1).
The costume prizes went to Vaughn Endert, Donovan Mantelli, and Amelia Curran. The Traveling Pawn stayed at Viera Charter, as they won it for the second consecutive time. The next tournament will be the Turkey Bash, hosted by Our School House on November 21st, at Central Baptist Church in Melbourne.


October 2015
   The 2015-2016 Space Coast Scholastic chess season kicked off with a successful tournament at Southwest Middle School, attended by 107 enthusiastic students.

Michael Yang won the K1 section, Vikram Sabapathy won K3, Andrew Camilli won K6, Cameron Foles won K12, Peyton Kromash won Scholastic Experts, and Jack Rhoton won Scholatic Masters.

The next league event will be the October Brouhaha, at Viera Charter School, on October 24th.

Students are invited to wear a Halloween costume. Best costume prizes will be awarded. See you there, if you dare!


Congratulations to the Viera Charter School team for winning our giant travelling pawn at the September - Fall Fracas Tournament.


September 2015  

The Space Coast Scholastic Chess League begins its 17th season with the Fall Fracas tournament, on September 26th, at Southwest Middle School.

Students from Brevard County (and outside the area) are welcome to play, competing as individuals and with their school mates as a team.

Although USCF membership is required, we will continue the tradition of waiving the entry fee for first time players.

We have a new section this year called "Scholastic Experts" (replacing the inaccurately named "Open" section) for players rated 1000-1399, and the Scholastic Masters section returns for players rated 1400-1800.

This year's Traveling Pawn is the most beautiful yet, and will continue to be awarded to the Top Team each month, and the permanent property of the school who wins it the most times during the year.

I am excited to return as the Tournament Director, and welcome the assistance of any parents (and students) who want to help make this year the best yet.

I look forward to seeing everyone again soon

Yours in chess,

Chris Bortzner

June 2015    


    Thank you to everyone who participated in the Grand Prix tournament at Melbourne Central Catholic School. It was a terrific tournament at a beautiful site. Thank you to Jim Ziarno, who arranged the event for us. We look forward to having more tournaments there in the future, and the participation of a full MCC team next year.

    Congratulations to our tournament section winners; Lucy Ryals (K1), Jared Wells (K3), Shaya Akbari (K6), Jalen Woods (K12), Priya Gutta (Open), and Sajan Gutta (Scholastic Masters). Top teams were; West Melbourne School for Science (K3), Viera Charter School (K6 and K12), and Our School House (Open). The Traveling Pawn was won this month by WMSS, but will be kept by OSH, which won it four times during  the year. The Grand Prix winners (for cumulative score for the year) were; Lucy Ryals (K1), Josh Cronkhite (K3), Andrew Camilli (K6), James Carter (K12), Peyton Kromash (Open), and Ayush Maddikonda (SM). Congratulations to everyone who participated.

    Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped make this season a success; Elfi Ousley (website), Tom Moore (equipment), Jane Catacutan (scoring), Matt Cobb (photography), Sheryl Kromash (registration), Nick Moore, Bobby Saraka, Michael Catacutan, Zach Wooley and Billy Macom (Asst TD's), and all of the other parents who helped organize the playing sites and run the concessions. We could not have done it without your support.



April 2015  

The Brevard County Championship was a big success, with 95 players competing and having fun. Congratulations to everyone who played, especially Lucy Ryals (K1), Ethan Tal (K3), Andrew Camilli (K6), Jalen Woods (K12), Jonathan Diaz (Open), and Timmy Mayes (SM), who all won first place and the title of County Champion.

The top team overall was Viera Charter School, winning the Traveling Pawn.

Big thanks to Eastminster Presbyterian Church in Indialantic, which provided a beautiful site for a tournament, and the promise of future events there. We really appreciate their hospitality and great facilities.

The last tournament of the school year will be the Grand Prix Finale, May 2nd at Melbourne Central Catholic School, where we will be awarding trophies for year to date achievement.

Thank you Darlene Carter for taking these great pictures. To see more pictures from the Brevard County Scholastic Championship tournament please click here!


March 2015          
Thank you to everyone who competed in the March Madness tournament, which was completed in less than 6 hours!
Congratulations to Roshan Anil, who won K1, on tie breaks. All of the other sections were won with perfect scores; Josh Cronkhite in K3, Caleb Cronkhite in K6, Dwight Catacutan in K12, Peyton Kromash in Open, and Liam Pelikan in Scholastic Masters. Congratulations to Caleb and Dwight, who will be moving up to the Open Section.
The next tournament will be April 11th at Eastminster Church in Indialantic.

Congratulations to Our School for winning our giant travelling pawn at the February - Queen of Hearts Tournament.

Also, thank you Matt Cobb for taking all these great pictures. To see more pictures from the tournament please click here!



Unfortunately, I will not be able to offer chess memberships (or renewals) anymore at the tournaments. Recent changes by the USCF have made the "aged based" pricing tricky and more expensive. Additionally I no longer receive an Affiliate credit, so I can't offer a reduced cost membership. Everyone will have to sign up (or renew) at prior to attending any future tournaments.



June 2014 

We would like to take a moment to give a special shout out and thank you to Scott & Linda Langford who lead the league so well for the past 5 years!

Chris Bortzner has agreed to take their place as tournament director starting next season. This is a big job, so, let‘s all step-up and help support Chris and the league.


"First Tournament is free for Brevard County students".  

Back by popular demand! In an effort to encourage new players to participate in tournaments, Brevard County students who are unrated will not have to pay their first tournament fee (typically $15).

However, you will still need to buy a USCF membership at the USCF website. The USCF membership is good for one year.

All players must pre-register by the Friday before the tournament to play in the first round. Walk-ins will get a first round bye. 


Important Information for players that have pre-registered but can’t come to the tournament-
We realize that “things” come up or happen and sometimes a player has pre-registered for a tournament but can’t come. Please read the information below about what to do if this happens.

A day or more before the tournament- If you are unable to attend the tournament and it is a day or more before the tournament please email the tournament director at so he can withdraw the player.
On the morning of the tournament- If on the morning of the tournament, a player is unable to attend please call your school chess coach or another player from your school and try to get the message to the tournament director. The player will be withdrawn and not paired.  When a player is a "no show" the other player that he/she is paired with does not get to play the first round and has to wait 30 minutes before they can claim a win by forfeit.

Typically we do not have internet access at the tournament site so the T.D. can't check the email at the tournament site. Email is checked at 7 am before the T.D. leaves for the tournament site- so if you can notify us by 7 am or earlier by email we can withdraw the player. 


As we all know playing chess builds character and develops life skills – so if you know of someone who might be interested please bring them along with you to our next tournament!

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