Welcome back to another great chess season at Space Coast Scholastic Chess!

January 2017 

The January Kings & Queens tournament was a lot of fun, thanks to the hard work of Retinna Bell and the other VCS volunteers.

Top Team was the OSH K-12 players. This was the first time that a K-12 team took home the Traveling Pawn.

Andrew Lamoureux also broke new ground with our digital display board, uploading games to . SCSC became the first scholastic organization in the Country to broadcast games live for all the world to see. Thanks also to Matt Cobb for recording all of the game results.

The next league tournament will be February 25 at Temple Israel.

 Yours in chess,
Chris Bortzner

"First Tournament is free for Brevard County students".  

Back by popular demand! In an effort to encourage new players to participate in tournaments, Brevard County students who are unrated will not have to pay their first tournament fee (typically $20).

However, you will still need to buy a USCF membership at the USCF website. The USCF membership is good for one year.

All players must register by the Friday 7:00 PM before the tournament to play in the first round. Walk-ins will get a first round bye.


and have fun!

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